A New Year Resolution and a Step into the Unknown

Iphone 2012 058New Year resolutions are things that never seem to be sustained longer than a week. You usually promise yourself that you will head to the gym more than once a month, or that you maintain the garden on a more regular basis, or perhaps that you will cut down on eating chocolate. But in reality you never seem to persevere and they are never upheld.
This year Joe has made a resolution that is not only enjoyable but one that he hopes will interest others. Stepping into the world of social media, Joe has developed his Facebook presence with a new gallery page, which you can ‘like’ here, but has also started an account on Twitter. Joe’s resolution is to tweet a new iPhone photo daily and consequently promises to provide aesthetic nourishment and enjoyment for all once a day every day.
For all you folk that do not have a Twitter account, do not worry, all the photos are automatically synchronised between both social media accounts, so just make sure you are a fan on Facebook and ‘like’ Joe’s page.